Water Filter Replacement: EDR1RXD1 (Filter 1)

Water Filter Replacement: EDR1RXD1 (Filter 1)

Water Filter Replacement

EDR1RXD1 (Filter 1)


1.Locate your filter housing in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator.

2. Lift the filter door and the filter will release.

3. Pull out filter and discard.

4. Open new filter and remove cover from top. Be sure the O-rings remain in place.

5. Insert filter into the housing with arrow pointing up. Do not force the filter.

6. Push the filter door so it snaps closed.

7. Run at least 4 gallons of water through your filter to flush it

If your housing will not accept the new filter or water is leaking from the housing you may be in need of additional service. For service on any Whirlpool product please call us at (865)947-4100. Thanks for letting us serve your family!


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