Should You Use Factory Authorized Service

Should You Use Factory Authorized Service

Authorized Service… Is it Worth it?

We have all been there, you are in the middle of a load of laundry and all at once the washing machine quits. When this happens you want a reliable company there to fix the issue. In today’s world of appliances it can be overwhelming trying to find the right service company and get them scheduled quickly. If you have been wondering who you should call when this happens, we are here to help. By choosing the right company you will get a trained tech, which will save you money and headaches.

Here’s how…

Whirlpool Factory Authorized Service

Whirlpool Factory Authorized service was created by Whirlpool Corporation, and was granted to companies to provide superior care to their appliances. These companies have undergone training from Whirlpool Factory technicians. Each technician has also undergone extensive background screenings and drug testing to ensure that you have safe and reliable technician in your home.

Whirlpool Factory Authorized companies also receive technical support from Whirlpool. This ensures that the technician in your home will know about any common issues and new issues that might be arising with appliances. The technician will also be able to call a Whirlpool factory technician if they are unable to pinpoint the problem with your appliance. This will also document your issue with Whirlpool should there be any future failures.

Factory Authorized companies also pre-screen their service calls before sending a technician to your home. This screening can be from their home office and also from the factory. Our office personally looks at each call to see what previous issues have been. They then pre-identify certain parts to make sure the technician has what they need. This ensures that the job gets done the first time (our office is amazing at this as we boast a 80%+ first call completion rate). Each Factory Authorized company is held to certain standards of completion and service to ensure that the customer is properly taken care of.

Why it Matters..

When your appliance goes down you will be faced with a few options. First, would be to call a Factory Authorized company which have all the resources stated above.

Second, would be to call unauthorized service. Unauthorized service is a risky route these days as they do not have the training on the appliance. With the extensive array of electronics in appliances, unauthorized service will more than likely not be able to properly diagnose the issue correctly. This leads to unnecessary cost and trips that create more headache for you, the customer.  These service companies are also not held to the standards that Whirlpool Factory Authorized companies are held to, which can lead to other issues.

Last, would be the do-it-yourself option. While there are some simple fixes that anyone can do, many times you can get in over your head in a repair before you know it. This can lead to damage to the unit and if the unit is under warranty, can void the warranty.

Here are some scenarios that outline why Factory Certified Care is important:

Your Product is Under Warranty- Within the first year from the date of purchase (ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPT TO PROVE YOUR DATE OF PURCHASE) your product will be covered under Whirlpool’s manufacturer warranty. For the first 30 days of that warranty you will have a cosmetics warranty. This covers, scratches, dings, dents, etc. The rest of the warranty covers mechanical failure. However, this only applies if you use a Whirlpool Factory Authorized servicer.

Your Product is Under 2-5th Year Warranty- Several of Whirlpool’s brands come with extended parts and labor warranties. Parts that are covered can include control boars, compressors, touch screens, and several others. If you hire unauthorized service they may be unaware of this warranty which can cost you more in repairs. Authorized service will always be aware of the warranties that the products carry and will be able to apply these warranties to your repair which, in some cases, can save you hundreds of dollars.

Authorized Service Carry Warranties- All Whirlpool Authorized servicers are required to use factory parts. This means they will not use rebuilt or aftermarket parts. These parts carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty which is applied from the date that it was installed. As a company we also provide a 90 day labor warranty. This ensures you that if your appliance is not fixed correctly the first time or the part fails again that we will stand behind our work.

If your appliance is having issues we always recommend calling Factory Authorized Service. This will ensure that you get reliable service for the product. It may also save you some money through a warranty that you were not aware of.

If you are experiencing issues with your Whirlpool appliance, gives us a call at (865)947-4100. We will be more than happy to send one of our Whirlpool Factory Authorized technicians to your home to get you up and running. As always, thank you for allowing ARSI to serve your family. 



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