Is your Dryer Not Drying?

Is your Dryer Not Drying?

Is Your Dryer Not Drying?

Having a dryer that does not do what its name implies can be frustrating. This can be especially true if you have spent a good amount of money on a machine that does not do the job it was created to do. If your dryer is taking multiple cycles to dry or not heating at all there can be several issues that could be the problem. In this article we will dive in to these issues and help you determine the cause of the problem!

Failed Fuse or Heating Element

Just as there are fuses in houses, there are several fuses within dryers. These fuses are safety devices installed to prevent the dryer from getting too hot. However, they cannot be reset thus requiring replacement if they blow. Your dryer also has a heating element that is susceptible to failure if the dryer becomes too hot. If your dryer stops heating or running following an episode of overheating, chances are that it has blown a thermal fuse or caused the heating element to fail.

Both of these are internal parts, and we recommend having a professional replace them. You can always call ARSI and we will send one of our factory trained techs to repair your appliance.

Clogged Lint Filter or Exhaust Vent

These two issues are the most common dryer-problems and are the root cause of the failed components above. During use, the lint filter will collect lint and debris particles from clothing, and if the filter is not cleaned after every use it will become harder for the dryer to expel the hot and humid air. Cleaning the filter will prevent internal lint buildup, which will greatly reduce the risk of fire and allow your dryer to breath.

Clogged Dryer Vent

Crushed Exhaust Vent

Crushed Exhaust Vent


A clogged or pinched exhaust vent is very similar to the lint filter. You will experience long dry times and warm, damp clothes.  We that a professional service the exhaust vents of your home every 6 months.  This will prevent any buildup which can become a fire hazard and hinder drying.

We hope these dryer tips helped you determined your drying issues.  If you are experiencing long dry times after checking your vents and filters, chances are you have a failed part. For repair on any Whirlpool product you can reach us at (865)9474-4100. As always, thank you for letting ARSI serve your family! 

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