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Are You Struggling To Keep You Glass Cooktop Clean?

We seem to get this call every year right after the holidays. A customer has bought a brand new glass cooktop range and it looks as if their glass is scratched. Most of the time when our technician arrives, they find that the cooktop is not scratched rather just dirty from all of the holiday cooking. With a little elbow grease and the right equipment, you can make that glass cooktop look brand new.

In this post we will cover how to use cooktop cleaning kits to get rid of the food that gets baked on during the cooking process. The cooktop kit we use is the Weiman Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit. This kit can be found on amazon for round $10-$12.


Cleaning Steps:

  1. First Take the cleaning solution and put a dime size amount of cleaner/polish on the scrubbing pad. Use the pad to remove any loose particles on the cooktop.
  2. Next, take the razor blade scraper and set at an angle on the cooktop. Use the blade to scrape away any caked on food and residue. You may have to put slight pressure on while scraping to get stubborn food.
  3. Last, flip your scrubbing pad and place another dime sized amount of cleaner/polish on the pad. Scrub the whole cooktop with the polish. Once the polish has dried use a microfiber towel to wipe away the excess.

We recommend cleaning the cooktop after every use to prevent food from hardening on the cooktops surface. We also advise against the use of cast iron on the glass as it will cause scratching. Staying on top of the cleaning of your glass cooktop will keep it shining like new for years to come.

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