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KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When you think of coffee you may not always think Kitchenaid, but they have introduced a new compact cold brew coffee maker. Cold-brew coffee is the pinnacle of the coffee world. Cold brewing coffee introduces  a natural sweetness and new notes of taste that hot brewing cannot produce. This is due to the slow and cold steeping, which even produces more caffeine than a hot shot of espresso. Kitchenaid’s new cold brew coffee maker can help you save time in the morning, and can help you save money when you do not want to buy expensive cold brew elsewhere. Below is a quick overview of the pros and cons of the coffee maker and a link to purchase the unit.



  • Compact Design: Unit will fit easily on refrigerator shelf, can brew and dispense from the same container
  • Built-in Pour Spout: No-drip pour spout allow you to pour a cup at a time
  • Portable: Integrated metal handle allows coffee maker to carried anywhere
  • Paper-Free Filter: The stainless steel reusable filter means there are no paper filters to buy
  • Sturdy Design: The glass and metal design ensures a quality piece of equipment


  • Small Capacity: At 28-oz the KitchenAid cold brewer does not hold as much as some other cold brew coffee makers

Best For:

  • People wanting a compact, portable, and stylish cold brew coffee maker that can reside in the fridge while delivering great tasting cold brew coffee.


To purchase the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker click Here


Water Filter Replacement: EDR2RXD1 (Filter 2)

Water Filter Replacement

EDR2RXD1 Filter 2



1. Locate the filter door in the upper right corner of the refrigerator section.

2. Squeeze the tab so that the door opens.

3. Angle the filter downwards and turn the filter counter-clockwise (left) until it releases. Discard the old filter

4. Open new filter and remove plastic top. Inspect O-rings to be sure they are still in place.

5. Insert the new filter with the arrow facing upward. As you push in the filter will rotate clockwise (right).

6. Rotate filter until it locks in.

7. Close filter door and make sure it snaps into place.

8. Run 4 gallons of water through your new filter to flush it.


If your housing will not accept the new filter or water is leaking from the housing you may be in need of additional service. For service on any Whirlpool product please call us at (865)947-4100. Thanks for letting us serve your family!


Water Filter Replacement: EDR1RXD1 (Filter 1)

Water Filter Replacement

EDR1RXD1 (Filter 1)


1.Locate your filter housing in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator.

2. Lift the filter door and the filter will release.

3. Pull out filter and discard.

4. Open new filter and remove cover from top. Be sure the O-rings remain in place.

5. Insert filter into the housing with arrow pointing up. Do not force the filter.

6. Push the filter door so it snaps closed.

7. Run at least 4 gallons of water through your filter to flush it

If your housing will not accept the new filter or water is leaking from the housing you may be in need of additional service. For service on any Whirlpool product please call us at (865)947-4100. Thanks for letting us serve your family!


Is your Dryer Not Drying?

Is Your Dryer Not Drying?

Having a dryer that does not do what its name implies can be frustrating. This can be especially true if you have spent a good amount of money on a machine that does not do the job it was created to do. If your dryer is taking multiple cycles to dry or not heating at all there can be several issues that could be the problem. In this article we will dive in to these issues and help you determine the cause of the problem!

Failed Fuse or Heating Element

Just as there are fuses in houses, there are several fuses within dryers. These fuses are safety devices installed to prevent the dryer from getting too hot. They cannot be reset thus requiring replacement if they blow. Your dryer also has a heating element that is susceptible to failure if the dryer becomes too hot. If your dryer stops heating or running following an episode of overheating, chances are that it has blown a thermal fuse or caused the heating element to fail.

Both of these are internal parts, and we recommend having a professional replace them. You can always call ARSI and we will send one of our factory trained techs to repair your appliance.

Clogged Lint Filter or Exhaust Vent

These two issues are the most common dryer-problems and are the root cause of the failed components above. During use the lint filter will collect lint and debris particles from clothing. If the filter is not cleaned after every use it will become harder for the dryer to expel the hot and humid that is in the dryer (thus leaving your clothes damp at the end of the cycle). Cleaning the filter will prevent internal lint buildup, which will greatly reduce the risk of fire and allow your dryer to breath.

Clogged Dryer Vent
Crushed Exhaust Vent
Crushed Exhaust Vent


A clogged or pinched exhaust vent is very similar to the lint filter. You will experience long dry times and warm, damp clothes. However, servicing the exhaust vent is more difficult because it is located behind the dryer and are internally plumbed through the house. There are companies that are dedicated to the servicing of these vents. It is recommended that a professional service the exhaust vents of your home every 6 months to prevent any buildup which can become a fire hazard and hinder drying.

We hope these dryer tips helped you determined your drying issues. If you are experiencing long dry times after checking your vents and filters, chances are you have a failed part. For repair on any Whirlpool product you can reach us at (865)9474-4100. As always, thank you for letting ARSI serve your family! 

Should You Use Factory Authorized Service

Authorized Service… Is it Worth it?

We have all been there, you are in the middle of a load of laundry and all at once the washing machine quits. When this happens you want a reliable company there to fix the issue. In today’s world of appliances it can be overwhelming trying to find the right service company and get them scheduled quickly. If you have been wondering who you should call when this happens, we are here to help. By choosing the right company you will get a trained tech, which will save you money and headaches.

Here’s how…

Whirlpool Factory Authorized Service

Whirlpool Factory Authorized service was created by Whirlpool Corporation, and was granted to companies to provide superior care to their appliances. These companies have undergone training from Whirlpool Factory technicians. Each technician has also undergone extensive background screenings and drug testing to ensure that you have safe and reliable technician in your home.

Whirlpool Factory Authorized companies also receive technical support from Whirlpool. This ensures that the technician in your home will know about any common issues and new issues that might be arising with appliances. The technician will also be able to call a Whirlpool factory technician if they are unable to pinpoint the problem with your appliance. This will also document your issue with Whirlpool should there be any future failures.

Factory Authorized companies also pre-screen their service calls before sending a technician to your home. This screening can be from their home office and also from the factory. Our office personally looks at each call to see what previous issues have been. They then pre-identify certain parts to make sure the technician has what they need. This ensures that the job gets done the first time (our office is amazing at this as we boast a 80%+ first call completion rate). Each Factory Authorized company is held to certain standards of completion and service to ensure that the customer is properly taken care of.

Why it Matters..

When your appliance goes down you will be faced with a few options. First, would be to call a Factory Authorized company which have all the resources stated above.

Second, would be to call unauthorized service. Unauthorized service is a risky route these days as they do not have the training on the appliance. With the extensive array of electronics in appliances, unauthorized service will more than likely not be able to properly diagnose the issue correctly. This leads to unnecessary cost and trips that create more headache for you, the customer.  These service companies are also not held to the standards that Whirlpool Factory Authorized companies are held to, which can lead to other issues.

Last, would be the do-it-yourself option. While there are some simple fixes that anyone can do, many times you can get in over your head in a repair before you know it. This can lead to damage to the unit and if the unit is under warranty, can void the warranty.

Here are some scenarios that outline why Factory Certified Care is important:

Your Product is Under Warranty- Within the first year from the date of purchase (ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPT TO PROVE YOUR DATE OF PURCHASE) your product will be covered under Whirlpool’s manufacturer warranty. For the first 30 days of that warranty you will have a cosmetics warranty. This covers, scratches, dings, dents, etc. The rest of the warranty covers mechanical failure. However, this only applies if you use a Whirlpool Factory Authorized servicer.

Your Product is Under 2-5th Year Warranty- Several of Whirlpool’s brands come with extended parts and labor warranties. Parts that are covered can include control boars, compressors, touch screens, and several others. If you hire unauthorized service they may be unaware of this warranty which can cost you more in repairs. Authorized service will always be aware of the warranties that the products carry and will be able to apply these warranties to your repair which, in some cases, can save you hundreds of dollars.

Authorized Service Carry Warranties- All Whirlpool Authorized servicers are required to use factory parts. This means they will not use rebuilt or aftermarket parts. These parts carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty which is applied from the date that it was installed. As a company we also provide a 90 day labor warranty. This ensures you that if your appliance is not fixed correctly the first time or the part fails again that we will stand behind our work.

If your appliance is having issues we always recommend calling Factory Authorized Service. This will ensure that you get reliable service for the product. It may also save you some money through a warranty that you were not aware of.

If you are experiencing issues with your Whirlpool appliance, gives us a call at (865)947-4100. We will be more than happy to send one of our Whirlpool Factory Authorized technicians to your home to get you up and running. As always, thank you for allowing ARSI to serve your family. 



Loading Your Dishwasher

How to Properly Load Your Dishwasher

Loading your dishwasher may seem like a trivial and easy task, however, a little extra advise and help is sometimes needed. Properly loading a dishwasher will help with cleaning and can prevent some nasty accidents from happening.

To prevent these accidents from happening always think about safety first when loading. Most dishwashers come with a silverware basket that can be installed into the lower rack or attached to the door. Be sure to place any sharp objects, knives especially, facing downward in the basket. Also make sure that they are kept away from the rubber door seal as puncturing it will cause leaks.

Upper rack. The upper rack of the dishwasher is used for plastics (check our tech tip on drying plastics), small plates, and glasses. Please make sure all plastics that are loaded into the dishwasher are safe for the dishwasher. If they are not you will run the risk of creating a mess. When loading the upper rack make sure dishes are not touching and are face down. This will reduce the risk of breaks and make sure that food is not trapped and gets washed away.


Lower Rack. The lower rack is designed for larger dishes and heavier items. When loading the lower rack make sure the dishes are soiled side down toward the wash arm. Before beginning the cycle there are two things to check for on the lower rack. First, make sure nothing is hanging below the rack. This will prevent the wash arms from turning which will greatly hinder cleaning. Second, check to make sure nothing is blocking the detergent door. This happens to the best of us from time to time and will prevent the detergent from being able to do its job.

Lastly, make sure you are using a detergent designed for the dishwasher. The most preferred detergent is the tablet form. We will cover more on this topic in future blogs.

Tech tip: Plastics do not dry will. This is due to the fact that plastics are more porous than glassware and they do not retain heat. Drying is dependent on water sheeting off of your dishes (enter rinse-aid) and you dishes heating up. If you have to dry your plastics at the end of the cycle do not worry, this is normal. 

If you are having other issues with your Whirlpool dishwasher, give us a call at (865)947-4100 and we will be happy to send one of your factory trained technicians to your home. Thank you for allowing ARSI to serve your family!



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